The Farms of Valkala: Aligning Yield to EtherOrcs’ Trailblazing Vision of Engaging Web3 Gaming

6 min readSep 30, 2022
Clouds over the ZUG farm


As the days grow longer in Valkala the lands south of The Great Rift burn in the heat of the twin stars that hang in the sky. An ill omen has come to pass, the moon hangs low, and the Horde grows fatigued in their actions of farming and crafting.

But there is HOPE!

By running Dungeons and staking into Raids, Orcs and their Allies again find themselves ready to farm and craft with even greater strength than before. It seems by vanquishing their enemies, respite is gained and it rejuvenates the worn bodies of our heroes.

Meanwhile, word travels of a new citizen returning to the town in the near future… Is that the legendary Kira?

The Impetus for Changing Farming

The Hardworking Orcs accumulating ZUG

As shared in our previous article, we wanted to adapt our model for $ZUG and consumable emissions to the modern game. It has been almost a full year since launch and the complexity, depth, and goals of the game have far outstripped our original model.

Before we get into the detail of how our updated token yield model will work, I want to ground everyone in the following:

  • If you are actively participating in the game and eco-system even somewhat regularly — this will be a net benefit to you and your production
  • If you are an AFK or farming only player who does not ever spend their ZUG — this will be a net negative to you

As we have been clear for a long time, this is not a P2E game. This is a Web3 game. We have been committed to trailblazing a NEW path for Web3 gaming since day one on the project.

Passive yield is not the intent of our system nor is it a key role in the ecosystem today. The game is about experimenting, trying different builds in dungeons, crafting new equipment, competing on leaderboards, and doing it all with friends in the community. Everything we do will be to continue to incentivize this.

Our intent should be clear though: We want to focus on rewarding participation and building the game economy around participants.

Our Latest Innovation: Farming Points, a Soulbound token

Farming Point, an ERC-1155 Soulbound Token

We are once again excited to lead the way in innovating in Web3. We will be adding a new Farming Point token. It is a soulbound ERC-1155 token that cannot be transferred between wallets and is only usable with our contracts.

We feel soulbound tokens are a terrific way to better encourage positive economic actions among players and are also a very intuitive comparison to a “point or energy system” that most gamers are already familiar with. We are excited to see other Web3 gaming projects follow our lead in this in the future.

Farming Points and Updates to Yield: The Details Players Need to Know

So what is the change? Players will now earn FPs when running Dungeons and Raids. Orcs and Allies production levels of ZUG and consumables will now depend on whether or not they spend Farming Points.

Orcs and Allies will have their base production rate lowered to 40% of their ZUG or Crafting Boost score.

For every 10 $pZUG burned in Dungeons and Raids players will earn 1 Farming Point.

When you spend FP, you will produce at 110% of your ZUG or Crafting boost score.

It will cost 2* FARMING POINTS to send an Orc to farm with 110% efficiency.

For Allies it will cost 2* FARMING POINTS to craft at 110% efficiency.

Together with this change: each farming “run” will require a character to be staked for at least one DAY and will yield tokens up to 7 days.

Your character is not locked in between that — so you may choose to take them out of the farming action and collect your goodies at any time.

We want to make this as flexible as possible, but also ensure that people who go AFK for months at a time are not passively earning yield over months (more details in the previous article).

*farming point cost may be subject to change based on player data and feedback

Here’s a simple example of how this works in practice:

The Player runs 1 Myrdin Crypt Party Dungeon, burns 220 $ZUG.

The Player earns 22 Farming Points from that run.

The Player can now utilize those 22 Farming Points to send ANY Horde member in their wallet farming or crafting consumables at 110% efficiency. In total, the player could use those 23 Farming Points to send 8 Orcs and 3 Allies farming and crafting at 110% efficiency with 1 point leftover for later.

There is NO CAP on Farming Points earned.

Now you may ask… Hmm it would appear that there will be an excess of Farming Points compared to what is needed to sustainably run Dungeons and Raids while farming at max efficiency?

We are okay with that given that it means you are an active participant.

But what if Farming Points enabled us to add more functionality and features to the game?

A Small Preview of the Professions Expansion

There’s a reason my man has a pickaxe…

The Task Master, Kira, has returned from her trips to the Northlands with good news. The barrier that has prevented the Hordes movement North since The Wizard War of ages past, has weakened. Kira is now back and ready to assist the Horde with a new way to play, Professions.

Professions will act as a new means of progression and specialization. Players will spend Farming Points earned in Dungeons/Raids to stake their Orcs/Allies with a Profession tool.

Professions are targeted for a launch 2–4 weeks after the changes to farming have been made.

How does it work?

There are 3 Professions that may be utilized in the initial release of the Profession system:

1. Fishing — A laidback profession yielding fish that have the power to make delicious meals buffing your party in Dungeons

2. Alchemy — A scientific profession delving into the ancient art of transmog — the transformation of one material into another

3. Smelting — A blacksmith’s profession allowing for your unused equipment to be returned to materials and parts

Using a Profession will require a Horde member, a Profession tool, and cost Farming Points.

Like equipment crafting, there will be increasing depth to the profession system over time, giving rewards and benefits to those who invest in improving their Profession tools.

What a wonderful job for some less skilled allies…

A New Way Forward

At Valkala Labs, we feel this new system rewards those that are active in the EtherOrcs economy as well as makes $ZUG and consumables more scarce and valuable.

Additionally, we are excited to bring more innovation to the space. We hope that soulbound ERC-1155 tokens are seen in significantly more use — especially in the Web3 gaming space. They become a powerful unlock for on-chain tokens to represent in-game attributes.

We are excited to see the effects this massive faucet change has going forward with EtherOrcs not only on the current economy but for our future releases with Heroes, Realms of Valkala, and more…

Current timeline for the farming update release is mid October.

We will provide additional updates and clarity for Holders as we approach the launch — we do not want any of this to be a surprise to anyone.