Tales From the Front

The Evil Wizard’s minions have made the new raids challenging. Only Orcs and Allies of the highest levels are able to battle the monsters of the raid locations that contain the most boneshards. One of these raids in particular, the Vendor’s Secret Stash, can be very punishing as most of the time raiders come away empty handed. The Dark Elves believe that only risk tolerant raiders should even attempt to raid this location.

The Rogue class is adept at scouting, and have returned with three important pieces of information to share with the Horde in terms of acquiring the Ice and Fire Crystals. Their findings are as follows:

Finding #1:

Only one luck rune is required in order to find the crystals.

Finding #2:

ALL raid locations contain both fire and ice crystals.

Stay tuned for more updates from the front lines, the Dark Elves believe the wizard’s minions have further tricks up their sleeves.

Finding #3:

Each raider has a chance at BOTH crystals during each raid.




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