Release the Kraken!

3 min readMay 28, 2022

The once fruitful Myrdin Valley has been plagued with environmental calamities ever since the Wizard started his offensive assault. The wise sages of the Horde could sense a powerful disturbance coming from somewhere within the realm. After weeks of deep meditation, the sages were finally able pinpoint the root of this disturbance. Emanating from deep within the catacombs of Mt. Tasar, a powerful enemy lurked.

A handpicked squad of elite dark elf scouts were assembled to journey down into the depths of that ancient Volcano. After hours of wandering through the cavern’s unexplored depths, the elves stumbled upon a beast whose ferocity shook them to their very core. The elves stood beneath this Lava Kraken in awe. His arms so intertwined into the cavern walls that it itself seemed one with the Volcano.

The elves returned to the surface to report their findings. There was only one being who could summon enough dark magic to spawn a beast so fowl — The Dark Wizard. A meeting was called among the smartest and strongest of the horde. They needed a plan, and they needed one soon. After careful deliberation, the council kept coming to the same conclusion. To defeat this calamity the Horde must all work together to chip away at the Kraken’s defenses or The Myrdin Valley will be laid to waste.

The Kraken draws its powers from an ancient Molten Rune that was long thought to be lost in ages past. Legend has it that this Molten Rune could be used in a Blacksmith’s fires to forge weapons of incredible strength. The Evil Wizard was fearful, for he knew that his minions would surely die en masse at the blades forged by these runes. Upon discovering a cache of Molten Runes within Mt. Tasar, he knew he had to do defend them with everything he had.

The Details

Molten Rune

If the Horde is able to defeat the Kraken they’ll get their hands on the Molten Rune. This rune will give the blacksmith the ability to forge more advanced weapons. Upon defeat of the Kraken, the Horde will be able to use its shell — much like that of the Giant Crab — as a material to craft unique weapons. This branch of the weapon tree is only accessible to those that have contributed the most to the Kraken’s demise and received a Kraken fragment as a reward. The top 15 Horde members that do the most HP damage to the Kraken on Solo crawls and top 30 on party crawls will receive a Kraken fragment. Kraken Fragments will also be dropped at random to anyone who battles it and gets it to retreat at least once.

Kraken’s Revenge — Tier 4- (Only Craftable with Kraken Fragment)

To fight the Kraken you’ll need a few different items:

  1. First, you’ll need the Frost Herbs which are found when raiding the Frozen Wastes.
  2. Frost Herbs are needed to craft Frozen Padding. This Frozen Padding is needed to withstand the hot temperatures of The Catacombs of Mt. Tasar Level 2. Crafting Frozen Padding crafts 4 pieces at a time and requires 3 Frost Herbs, 1 Monster Carapace, and 5 $ZUG.
  3. Upon finishing level 2, players will get a Red Steel Chest that contains a Molten Key. This key will grant access to Level 3 of Mt. Tasar. It is in level 3 where they will fight the Kraken. If successful in getting the Kraken to retreat and recharge it’s energy characters will get a Molten Chest as a reward.