Raids Reborn

4 min readOct 5, 2022

Since the release of our Turn-Based RPG (EtherOrcs: Dungeons), the central focus of the team at Valkala Labs has been on developing active gameplay to create the most dynamic, diverse, and pure Web3 gaming experience possible. With this laser focus on Dungeons, our team realized that we had not put enough energy into a crucial passive component of our ecosystem: Raids.

Passive gameplay options are as IMPORTANT in the web3 degen NFT space as they are in the F2P mobile gaming arena. Players want multiple progression options in the games they love. In-game growth shouldn’t be limited to just one path.

This brings us to our solution: Raids Reborn.

The Skeleton King Raid

By updating the passive gameplay options we allow a variety of players to engage with EtherOrcs how they see fit. This gives unparalleled opportunities for enjoyment and gamification in Web3 for all.

Boss Raids

Each new Raid will act as a passive companion to an existing farming dungeon with familiar bosses making their returns.

Twin Salamanders Raid

Players who utilize these raids will pay a $ZUG and consumable premium to achieve results automatically in 24 hours. These results will closely mirror max reward solo play results in Dungeons. All current chests (outside lava, red steel, pouches, and event-limited) will be obtainable. Gear equipping will also be more flexible and less restrictive.

The new Raid Table

Passive access to higher tier chests (Gold, Magic, and Iron) will now be available.

Iron Chest

Gearing and Leveling for Raids

When loading into these new Raids, you will see Tier requirements detailing what you need to bring with you to achieve victory against the bosses.

Beginner Raids like Skeleton King and The Troll have few or no gear requirements. Gearing is also now a lot more flexible; for example, you can bring a combination of T0 to T6 gear in the new Troll Raid.

Easier Raids will require lower Tier Equipment.

Harder Raids like Minotaur, Twin Salamanders, and Kappa Yokai will require 3x pieces of gear between T4 and T6.

T6 MH Axe

The 3 pieces of Gear you bring will have to fit into the Mainhand, Offhand, and Helm slots (similar to gearing up for a Dungeon). This means to enter the Twin Salamanders Raid, you will need to bring: 1 Mainhand, 1 Offhand, and 1 Helm between T4 and T6.

Gearing for Raids will be similar to Dungeons.

Raiders will also have to be at the appropriate levels to access specific Raids; these levels mirror the requirements of their Dungeon counterparts.

The Future of Raids and Passive Play

Going forward, we plan to more proactively update and maintain Raids so as to keep the passive play more in line with the active Dungeons gameplay. This includes raids for limited-time Dungeons like Collabs and Seasonal Events.

It is important to note two things about this new raid system. First, is that raiding will have no effect towards any gameplay-centric occurrences (like Endless Dungeon or other Leaderboard-based events). We feel that making Raiders pay more ZUG to achieve a near Max Score reward (combined with a 24-hour raid time) creates a more even playing field between active and passive participants. Second, is that potions and luck runes will no longer effect raid times or outcomes and will moreso be used as entry requirements going forward.

Valkala Labs believes in a hybrid approach to gameplay. This allows players to have more freedom in how they digest and play the game. As we continue building new gameplay features, we hope to have more opportunities to empower passive interaction of the EtherOrcs ecosystem. Look for more diverse genres of play with our upcoming releases.