Raid Rush — A Taste of What’s to Come

Myrdin Valley

More Reports from the Rogue Scouts

The Rogue scouts have intel to report to the Horde. They’ve been scouring the countryside trying to find where the Wizard’s minions had retreated to after the Horde bloodied them during the previous raids. After an exhaustive search they came up empty handed, that is until they visited their homeland of the Myrdin Valley.

What they saw shocked them to the core. The land was infested with the Wizard’s undead minions, especially underground. The tombs, the crypts, and the underground lairs were being used as a breeding ground for the Wizard’s evil beasts. It appeared to the Rogue Scouts that the Wizard was using this valley as a staging ground for a further conquest of Valkala.

The Appearance of the Wraith General & Skeleton Horde

Two such underground locations that the Rogues immediately scouted were the Elvish Tombs of the Ancestors and the Catacombs of Mount Tasar. They knew these locations must have a dense supply of Boneshards, so they wanted to report those findings back to the Horde. Unfortunately, a Horde of undead skeletons had already found the Elvish Tomb and had infested it with their evil brethren. Then, when the Dark Elves visited the never-ending catacombs of Mount Tasar, they glimpsed an enemy they knew they were no match for alone…the Wraith General! The Wraith is a top General of the Evil Wizard and his nasty minions have taken hold of every crevice underneath the active volcano. The Elves knew clearing this dungeon would prove to be a mighty task. So they rushed back to the Horde to report this new development.

Elvish Tomb of the Ancestors

Prelude to Dungeon Crawls — RAID RUSH

The Myrdin Valley is filled with underground caverns, tombs, and dungeons. Even the highest peaks have passageways within them that the undead had infested. The Horde would need to crawl every inch of these underground lairs to rid their land of the Wizard’s scourge. They could not let the Wizard gain anymore territory, the fate of Valkala depends upon it.

The first two locations the Horde would target, the Elvish Tomb of the Ancestors and the Catacombs of Mount Tasar would need to be softened up with a mass raid by the Horde before any party went in alone. Starting on Wednesday April 6th at 5 PM EST, the Horde can raid these new location and their fruitful stashes of Boneshards for 14 full days. The rewards for these locations are in the table below.

The Rogue scouts also discovered their Runes had less effectiveness than they used to do to the Wizard’s invasion. They only seemed to aid raiders in getting superb rewards going forward, and not great ones. The Rogues immediately got to work on imbuing new magic powers upon their runes for the crawls to come.

For the Horde!

NEW Raid Rush raids will be available for a limited period of time. Note: Ideal level does not include the additional +5% bonus to Great outcome from being 20 levels higher than ideal.




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