EtherOrcs Dungeons v1.2: The Forge and The Beast Generals

4 min readJun 23, 2022

The legendary Molten Rune of Mt. Tasar has proven to be challenging for Grimnock to harness in his forge. The strength of it’s ancient magic almost collapsed the Forge entirely.

But Grimnock stood victorious, finally the Molten Rune has been tamed and is ready to grant The Horde new powers. Tuesday, June 28th at 8PM EST, over a hundred new weapons will now be available to craft and customize. The Horde is salivating at the chance to get their hands on these powerful weapons and use them to deal deathly blows to the Evil Wizard’s dastardly forces.

Yet far away across The Storm Sea, deep within the Halls of the Wizard, the evil one could feel the shift in power that the Molten Rune has started. He knew that his current forces wouldn’t stand a chance against these all powerful weapons. So he sets about casting an ancient spell of power, one that will use up all his strength and mana, yet one that is necessary for the battle to come. He’s dispatching wave after wave of stronger monsters to the Myrdin Valley, along with 4 new Generals that will challenge the Horde’s mettle to their very end.

106 New Weapons and 35 New Weapon Trees

Tier 4+ Gear is where Horde members will need to begin to make decisions about what type of gear they want to craft that the Molten Rune has unlocked. Weapons will have various upgrade trees and branches that will customize their abilities and power.

Furthermore, to craft Tier 5 and Tier 6 weapons, the Horde will have to be very thoughtful in what Generals and Dungeons they want to contest.

The first Dungeon will drop Magic Chests enabling the Horde to get Wizard’s Stones and a small chance of other resources. Rather than each Dungeon having similar chances of dropping core resources, your future actions will require more planning based on the upgrade path you go on with your gear.

Rare Weapon Branches

The rare materials that have been dropped in the chests earned during dungeon crawling are now usable to craft certain weapon branches. These branches, while more rare, are also slightly more powerful than other weapons in their same tier. The Great Gizbo’s Coin will also now be unlocked for use. Will you be one of the very very few that is able to craft Gizbo’s Forbidden Pants?

Gizbo’s Forbidden Pants

Kraken Gear

The Horde’s strongest who have proven themselves in the dungeons against the behemoth Lava Kraken will be airdropped Kraken fragments later today in preparation for next week. These fragments are required materials when crafting one of these 3 weapon branches. This new limited gear will give its holders immensely powerful abilities and strength. Be wary for the Kraken’s roar still echoes off in the distant mountains…

Tier 6 Kraken’s Bastion

Gamified Crafting and Enhanced Weapons

Tier 6 Enhanced Hammer of Vorgak

Enhanced weapons are animated and rare versions of their non-enhanced counterparts. When you go to craft weapons of Tier 4+, you’ll have a 2% chance that it’ll become an Enhanced version. Additionally you can have the Blacksmith forge you an Enhancement Stone for 50 ZUG and 3 of each consumable. When you use optional enhancement stones to craft your odds of getting an Enhanced weapon raises from 2% to 5%.

The Deep Forest

What awaits the Horde within this Dark Place?

The first beasts to emerge from the Wizard’s latest wave of madness have been found in the basin of the ancient Myrdin Forest. Deep within the bowels of this thick forest lie the first Beast General, The Minotaur, that the Horde must contend with if they ever want to craft the powerful weapons that are now at their disposal. The following week a second dungeon will open up with the 2nd of the 4 Generals, stay alert.

Partner Dungeon Passes and Collabs

Now that the core of the game has been unleashed and tested thoroughly expect news on the partner projects in the coming weeks and months. Collabs will offer not only partners a look at Dungeons and Valkala, but give The Horde new challenges and limited-time equipment to craft…keep your eyes out for more information. !vibe !ooh