EtherOrcs Dungeon Patch Notes, Version 1.1 “The Endless Patch”:

3 min readMay 20, 2022

Launching May 20th at 8:30PM EST

Although EtherOrcs Dungeons launched only two weeks ago, our team is ready to announce our first major update! We know its been a difficult time for the crypto community as a whole, but our team really buckled down, ignored the noise, and kept on building. That’s why we’re so excited to kick off a major series of new content for the EtherOrcs ecosystem as well as overall improvements to the game. This is just the start, there is much more to come. As a thank you to the community, we’ve also decided to remove the cooldowns on Dungeons through the end of this weekend!

Summary of Changes:
- Endless Dungeons + Competitive Leaderboard
- Two Additional Dungeons (Foreshadowing the adventures deeper into Mt Tasar)
- New Raids and Raid Rewards
- Shaman Ability and Enemy RES Changes
- Balance improvements to single character Dungeons
- New enemies (Fang Plant and Rat)

So let’s break these changes down…

Endless Dungeons + Competitive Leaderboard:
Introducing the Endless Dungeon, an ever-changing Dungeon challenge that will test even the hardiest of the Horde. What is the Endless Dungeon? The Endless Dungeon is a series of battles against all the enemies and bosses the Horde has faced thus far. Upon completion, challengers will receive Pouches of loot as well as be placed on a competitive leaderboard. The leaderboard will reset every 14 days on Monday at 00:00 UTC. Winners will be tallied and the top players will receive exclusive chests and drops!

Cost: 15 ZUG per Unit
Cooldown: 10 Minutes
Recommended LVL: 200+
Recommended Gear: T2+

Two Additional Dungeons:
- Elvish Passage: A more affordable Elvish Dungeon for newer Horde members.
- Myrdin Clearing: After clearing Myrdin Crypt once, players will be able to attempt this dungeon, it offers a more time efficient farming map with the same cost/difficulty as Myrdin Crypt.

New Raids and Raid Rewards:
- The Frozen Wastes have been added as a new Raid which yields Frost Herbs… an ingredient that will be required to unlock our next major series of Dungeons deep in Mt Tasar
- Vendor’s Trove has been added for players looking to roll the dice on a lower quantity of potential rewards
- Rewards have been increased to better reflect the time and ZUG investment necessary to run them and bring them closer to Dungeon rewards

Shaman Ability and Enemy RES Changes:
- Quick Heal ability now is “Heals for 50 + MGK*2 and applies +4 RES to the target for 3 turns”
- Healing Rain ability now is “Heals all friendly party members for 30 + MGK and applies +4 RES to the targets for 3 turns”
- Enemies without magical abilities have their RES reduced by 3 to encourage better differentiation between MGK and ATK damage.

Balance improvements to single character Dungeons:
Significant balance changes to single character Dungeons making them easier — enemies and bosses have reduced HP, attack power, and defense to better align difficulty between game modes (edited)

New Enemies:

Thanks for playing, we’ll see ya in the Dungeons!