EtherOrcs — Allies: Updated White Paper

  1. Shamans (Healer) — first 3,000
  2. Ogres (Warriors) — 3,000
  3. ???? (Mage) — 3,000
  4. ???? (Rogue) — 3,000

EtherOrcs Allies: Shaman Class

  1. Crafting — Crafts a consumable potion that can be traded with other players
  2. Training — Levels at a rate of 3 levels / day just like Genesis Orcs
  3. Journey — Gains new equipment enhancing crafting skill
  4. Raiding — Works like Genesis Orcs: same ZUG fee and same level scaling


skillBonus impact on Potion Charges / Day while crafting
Raid time reduction from Potion Charge use

Training and Journeys

The Ethereal Plains journey
Journeys will allow you to customize your Shaman and plan your own path
A starting Shaman with 100 Skill Credits
Progressive Journey for a Shaman

How do Shamans engage in the EtherOrcs zuggonomy?

The Potion Vendor


Shamans will launch within the next week and mark a new dynamic within the broader EtherOrcs ecosystem.

This is only the beginning of the broader world where Genesis Orcs and Allies team up to take on new challenges and earn incredible rewards. ZUG ZUG!




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