EtherOrcs — Allies: Updated White Paper

EtherOrcs Allies are the next NFT collection set to team up with Genesis Orcs and take on raids, dungeon crawls, and the world. In addition, Allies will have unique utility by crafting tradable, consumable items.

Minting will open in the coming weeks with 60 bone shards per Ally, starting with Shamans.

Reminder: Bone shards can only be earned by raiding with Genesis Orcs or (when released) EtherOrcs Allies.

There will be a total of 12,000 EtherOrcs Allies with class based skills and utility:

  1. Shamans (Healer) — first 3,000
  2. Ogres (Warriors) — 3,000
  3. ???? (Mage) — 3,000
  4. ???? (Rogue) — 3,000

We expect the full minting process for Allies to take over 4 months — providing a sustainable near term goal for players and slowing down the “race” to the top for this phase of EtherOrcs.

EtherOrcs Allies: Shaman Class

The first entry in EtherOrcs Allies will be Shamans. Shamans are expert healers, skilled herbalists, and fearsome fighters. Shamans will start at level 25 and with tier 0 equipment on mint.

Shamans can execute the following actions:

  1. Crafting — Crafts a consumable potion that can be traded with other players
  2. Training — Levels at a rate of 3 levels / day just like Genesis Orcs
  3. Journey — Gains new equipment enhancing crafting skill
  4. Raiding — Works like Genesis Orcs: same ZUG fee and same level scaling


Shamans will be able to craft healing Potions that shorten the time that raids take to complete.

Shamans crafting speed will be based on their skillBonus which is directly correlated to their equipment (similar to Genesis Orc zugBonus). Shamans are natural herbalists so only require time to generate Potion charges. The below table shows relationship between skillBonus and Potion charges created per day:

skillBonus impact on Potion Charges / Day while crafting

A Potion charge can be used by any EtherOrc (Allies or Genesis) at the start of a raid to decrease the time of raids by 1 day. You can use multiple charges on a single raid up to limit defined by the raid. Future raids may require the use of a Potion charge.

See example below for an 8 day raid:

Raid time reduction from Potion Charge use

Training and Journeys

The Ethereal Plains journey

Shamans can Journey to gain new equipment. Journeys have a level requirement and will cost skillCredits.

All Shamans are given 100 skillCredits at the time of mint. Every Journey will ONLY give one piece of equipment for a single slot (chosen by the player).

There is no way for Shamans to regain spent skillCredits — so players will need to make choices on how they use them from mint.

Journeys will yield gear of a certain Tier. Higher Tiers give a direct bonus to potion creation speed as well as future utility. Additionally, they will be a key part in creating the rarity of your Shaman.

Journeys will allow you to customize your Shaman and plan your own path

Example Shaman path shown below…

A starting Shaman with 100 Skill Credits
Progressive Journey for a Shaman

How do Shamans engage in the EtherOrcs zuggonomy?

The Potion Vendor

Shamans will be able to participate in raids and all future phases with the same rewards and outcomes as Genesis Orcs. The $ZUG costs will remain the same for Shamans as Genesis Orcs.

As Genesis Orcs are the only Orcs that can produce $ZUG, Shamans will use their Potion crafting skill to trade Potions with Genesis Orcs for $ZUG.

Additionally, the Potion Trader NPC will always buy Potion charges from Shamans at a fixed $ZUG price of 10 $ZUG per potion charge, as long as he has enough $ZUG to afford the buyback.

The Potion Trader NPC will only recycle $ZUG that is spent into the game economy, he has a hand in raiding as well as other Orc activities and always takes a certain percentage off the top.




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