EtherOrcs — Allies: Rogues Whitepaper

Rogues are the next series of 3000 Allies mint-able with $BONESHARDs. With the release of Rogues we will officially be halfway through the minting process on Allies.

Rogues will be a prelude to the next phases of the EtherOrcs metaverse that extend beyond Allies. Rogues are planned to be released the week of 3/7/22.

As a reminder, there will be a total of 12,000 EtherOrcs Allies with class based skills and utility:

  1. Shamans — first 3,000

Our Story to Date

The Ogres have proven to be a powerful Ally for the Horde. In short order, the Horde has defeated the forces of the mysterious Wizard… The Leviathan, Wolf of the Beach, and Lava Titan have all been defeated, and have retreated to parts unknown.

The beasts plaguing the land have fled… for now. As the Heroes of Valkala investigate, they have found the Wizards minions retreating into ancient labyrinths and dungeons.

Meanwhile, the supply of boneshards is beginning to run dry. Formerly bountiful raids such as the Merfolk Fortress have been looted bare. The Horde must find a way to increase their yields, scout new locations, evade dangerous traps, and prepare for further battles with Evil.

They need the help of the Dark Elf Rogues.

With the release of Rogues, the landscape of Raids will be changing:

New Raiding Table — Released with Rogues
New Raiding Table — Released with Rogues

Rogue Details

The Rogues are elite members of the Dark Elf legions, hailing from the dark forests of Valkala. Dark Elves realized their superhuman speed, agility, and inherited skill in runecraft made them adept assassins, thieves, and scouts.

To become a Rogue, Dark Elves must go through a series of deadly trials to prove their worth and earn their equipment. Each trial will award them a singular piece of equipment and those brave enough can earn the respect of the greatest blademasters. Those who pass the most difficult tests will be awarded the strongest weaponry and given the most extensive tutelage on the art of runecraft.

Note: Rogue’s mainhand and offhand are their most important pieces of equipment — so be sure not to neglect them for later adventures.

Rogues can execute the following actions:

  1. Crafting — Crafts a consumable Luck Rune that can be traded with other players


Luck Rune

The Runecraft skill has been passed down across generations of Rogues. The legends say that Dark Elves were originally carved by gods of the forest out of the ancient enchanted stone that sits at the center of the Dark Elf forest. Runecraft enables Rogues to create Luck Runes which aid them in treasure seeking and battle.

Rogues will be able to craft Luck Runes. Luck Runes can be used on any Raid to improve the outcome of Superb rewards only by 2%. A maximum of 3 runes can be used per raid. Additionally, using a Luck Rune is the only way to detect special treasures on your Raids.

Luck Runes will also have a utility in the upcoming Dungeon Crawls.

Rogue crafting speed will be based on their Runecraft skill which is linearly correlated to their equipment (similar to Genesis Orcs zugBonus). Rogues only require time to generate Luck Runes:

Example Runecraft Skill Bonus to Production Table

Like all other consumables, the Potion Vendor will be happy to buy your Luck Runes for 10 $ZUG.

The Trials

Trial of the Burning Throne

Rogues must undergo Trials to gain new equipment. Rogues can choose to take significant risks to come away with the strongest equipment or take a safer route.

Rogues start at level 30 and ALL Trials require Rogues to be level 85 to participate in.

Trials have a level requirement and will cost skillCredits.

All Rogues are given 100 skillCredits at the time of mint. Every Trial will ONLY give one piece of equipment for a single slot (chosen by the player).

There is currently no way for Rogues to regain spent skillCredits — so players will need to make choices on how they use them from mint.

Trials will yield gear of a certain tier. Higher tiers give a direct bonus to crafting speed as well as future utility. Additionally, they are a key part in creating the rarity of your Rogue.

Rogue Trials — All Require Level 85

Secrets of the Luck Rune

There are legends that the Luck Rune will let adventurers find rare treasures in unexpected places. In particular, Rogues covet rare Crystals that imbue their bodies with elemental attributes, signifying their expertise in treasure hunting. It is said it requires 15 of these Crystals to transform an Elf into an elemental warrior.

Crystals can be found across ANY raiding location if a Luck Rune is found. Only one Luck Rune is needed to find a Crystal. Using more than one Luck Rune in a single raid gives no additional benefit to finding Crystals.

Fire Crystal
Ice Crystal



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