EtherOrcs — Allies: Ogres Whitepaper

Ogres are the next series of 3000 Allies mintable with $BONESHARDS. Ogres will add new unique utility and will incorporate a different spin on the mechanics for Allies established with Shamans.

Ogres are planned to be released several days following the completion of Shaman minting.

Reminder on EtherOrcs Allies

As a reminder, there will be a total of 12,000 EtherOrcs Allies with class based skills and utility. As of Jan 21 2022, we are entering the end of the first 3000 Allies minted and the beginning of the Ogre mint.

  1. Shamans (Healers) — first 3,000
  2. Ogres (Tanks) — 3,000
  3. ???? (Rogues) — 3,000
  4. ???? (Mages) — 3,000

We expect the full minting process for each new Ally to take at least 40 days. This gives users plenty of time to participate and plan as we move beyond the Shaman mint.

Ogre Lore and Utility

Ogres are fearsome warriors and tanks — capable of taking on large opponents and withstanding blows with their rock-like skin. Ogres are experts in training and conditioning. Their skills will be needed by the Horde.

Ogres are an ancient race that once lived in the realms of Valkala. They were sworn enemies of the Orcs until they were defeated by pirates on the open sea. With new enemies appearing across Valkala, the Orcs will summon the Ogres to help prepare them for their next adventures. The Ogres have a fierce code of honor and will repay the Horde for their resurrection as honor bound Allies of the Orcs for all eternity.

Ogres can execute the following actions:

  1. Crafting — Crafts a consumable Training Dummy that can be traded with other players
  2. Training — Levels at a rate of 3 levels / day
  3. Battle — Gains new equipment that enhances crafting skill and rarity
  4. Raiding — Spend $ZUG to go on raids for $BONESHARD rewards


The Training Dummy

Ogres have a long history of training for war. Through this lineage, they have developed unique techniques to hone their prowess outside of battle. Their skill in Woodcraft enables them to build custom training devices for the Horde.

Ogres will be able to craft Training Dummies. Training Dummies can be consumed to permanently increase any Orc or Ally’s level by 4.

Ogre crafting speed will be based on their Woodcraft skill which is linearly correlated to the bonuses they gain via equipment. Ogres only require time to generate Training Dummies:

Woodcraft bonus vs Training Dummies / Day
The Potion Vendor: Notable for his Scream

Much like Shamans, the Potion Trader NPC will always buy Training Dummies from Ogres at a price of 10 $pZUG, as long as he has enough $ZUG to afford the buyback. The Potion Trader NPC will only recycle $ZUG that is spent into the game economy. Ogres can also sell and trade Training Dummies with others freely.


Battle against the Plains Golem

Ogres can Battle to gain new equipment. On their Battles, Ogres will challenge fearsome beasts and enemies in battle.

All Ogres are given 100 skillCredits at the time of mint. Every Battle will ONLY drop one piece of equipment for a single slot (chosen by the player).

There is currently no way for Ogres to regain spent skillCredits — so players will need to make choices on how they use them from mint.

Battles will yield gear of a certain Tier. Higher tiers give a direct bonus to crafting speed as well as future utility. Additionally, they are a key part in creating the rarity of your Ogre.

Ogre Battles

The Arrival of Evil: Raids become more Treacherous

A mysterious entity is lurking…

A strange entity has been watching Valkala from afar. Shamans and Orcs returning from raids have started to report sightings of strange enemies appearing.

The aid of Ogres will be critical to overcome these new threats to Valkala…

Leviathan at the Merfolk Fortress

Raids are now more challenging for the Horde to overcome as the forces of evil invade the land. New monsters have arrived to key raiding locations changing them and making others no longer available.

Raids such as theMerfolk Fortress will no longer be available for NEW raiders after the Ogres launch. They have been replaced with new, more challenging locations after being invaded by monsters. These new locations will require higher levels to overcome.

Additionally, the cost savings of going on a double Raid to any location will be reduced to 2%.

See below for full list of Raids that will be available following the Ogres launch… As always, all EtherOrcs characters can embark on any of these Raids:

Updated Raid table as of Ogre launch
Updated Raid rewards as of Ogre launch

Note: If you have started a Raid before Ogres launch, there will be no impact to your $BONESHARD rewards. The changes to Raids will only impact new Raids embarked on after Ogres launch.

Werewolf of the Beach

Start preparing your Horde to take on the forces of evil! The world of Valkala will remain ours!





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