Ether Orcs — A Fully On-Chain RPG with Gamified Rarity

3 min readOct 1, 2021

Sometimes while looking for alpha you stumble upon a project that you immediately know in your gut is one that is cutting edge and transcendent.

This is especially true in a space like NFTs that is littered with copycat projects that have zero innovation, cash grabs with high mint prices, and promises of future gameplay in some far off metaverse.

So when the project you find is free to mint with 0% royalties, has a multitude of industry first innovations, and has immersive gameplay from day one, you know that you need to take a closer look.

The First Role Playing Game That Lives 100% on the Blockchain

A few other NFT projects have tried to put a RPG entirely on-chain, but none have succeeded. Whether it was the images, the lore, or the game mechanics, no project has successfully put a full fledge RPG on the blockchain, that is until the EtherOrcs made their presence known and started conquering their corner of Ethereum.

Why entirely On-Chain?

Typically, NFTs are hosted by a server with a specific owner — making the value and its future tied to that owner. Inspired by other iconic on-chain projects such as Anonymice, EtherOrcs has made their entire project (from images to game mechanics) on-chain. That means your Orcs will be immutable, not reliant on anyone else’s intervention, for as long as Ethereum is still standing.

Gamified Rarity and Upgradable Metadata

Rarity with NFTs is usually just a lottery. A lucky few get the rare items and are able to sell them for a huge profit. EtherOrcs set out to turn that concept on its head and make the entire minting process into a fun and exciting game and reward those who played well with both rare NFTs and additional Orcs.

How Does the Game Work?

The game revolves around the production of the native utility token $ZUG. The first 1550 Orcs are free to mint by those that joined the EtherOrcs discord and were active in the community. The remaining 3,500 Orcs cost $ZUG to mint. The cost to mint new Orcs increases exponentially until all Orcs have been spawned.

Initially every Orc minted is both similar in appearance and in their daily production of $ZUG. In order to produce $ZUG, the owner must farm (stake) their Orc which takes it off the open market.

Pillage Different Loot Pools and Upgrade Your Orc’s Gear

In addition to farming, Orc owners can also decide to level up their Orc through training. After leveling, your Orc will be able to pillage more rare and powerful equipment. Better equipment equates to higher daily production of $ZUG.

Loot pools (or locations) have individual names and limited quantities of weapons and gear within them. The Orc’s level determines which location they have access to. Examples of loot pool locations include “Town,” “Dungeon,” or “Dragon’s Lair.”

The Balancing Act

The whole framework of farming, training, and pillaging constructs a multi-layered game that creates an interesting dynamic of choice when deciding where to devote their Orc’s resources. While equipment produces more $ZUG for the owner, it also increases the Orc’s rarity through its pillaging of harder to obtain equipment.

What’s Next for EtherOrcs?

This is only the start of the story for these 5050 “Genesis” Orcs. The EtherOrcs community is a strong one; stemming from Orcs’ ubiquitous presence throughout all mediums of entertainment and fantasy lore. EtherOrcs is the first project to bring Orcs into the world of crypto and NFTs with a playable fully on-chain game the day of launch. The next phase of the Orcs conquest of the blockchain includes expanding the current game mechanics, adding additional warriors to the battlefield, and future game utility for $ZUG.

To find more information join the EtherOrcs discord here:

The whitepaper digs into the details of the game mechanics and is found here:

The EtherOrcs Ethereum smart contract:

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