An EtherOrcs Halloween and New Combat Mechanics

5 min readOct 31, 2022

The moon rises in Valkala on Old Hallows Eve, and the Orcs and their Allies plan a celebration with candy-shaped corn for everyone in Vorgak’s Cradle to enjoy!

Corn Candy

But tricks always come with treats, and a lone Wraith has stolen all of the sweet treats from the stores beneath the city!

Wraith — Corn Candy Thief

It seems he’s ventured into a swamp within the Myrdin Valley to hold up with these festive goods; your mission is to defeat this menace and bring back the Corn Candy for all of Valkala to enjoy! You may even be able to craft a special limited-time Helm from them?!

Spooky Dungeon Challenge

During this event, there will be two dungeons, party, and solo, to complete and earn Spooky Chests that drop the limited Corn Candy item. These dungeons will be difficult and challenge the most experienced within the Horde with new enemies and mechanics…

Spooky Chest

The Event will be open for five days, 10.31.22–11.4.22; happy hunting!

Pumpkin King

The reward for collecting so many corn candies will be a new helm! This helm introduces a new concept to EtherOrcs gear. It gives a MASSIVE boost to Magic but DECREASES the wearer’s HP and STAM. Will you take the trade-off for this massive gain in damage??

Pumpkin King Stats

You’ll need to collect 140 Corn Candy to complete the T6 craft, be sure to use those Luck Runes when opening chests!

Pumpkin King Helm

Introducing Weapon and Elemental Typing

Another new dungeon mechanic we will be testing during this event is Weapon and Elemental Typing.

Each Weapon Skill and Armor Piece will be given Weapon and Elemental Strengths and Weaknesses that will affect how they interact with enemies when direct damage is applied in combat. (Think of it as a Pokemon-style battle system where Pokemon moves and Pokemon themselves have Typings/Elements)


Hitting an enemy with an ability, they are WEAK to will result in a final damage multiplier of 1.25x.

Hitting an enemy with an ability, they are STRONG/RESISTANT to will result in a final damage multiplier of .75x.

This new mechanic will ONLY be applied to the new Wraith boss in the Halloween dungeon. NO OTHER ENEMY OR ENEMY ATTACK WILL BE AFFECTED AT THIS TIME.


Skill: ZUG SLAM (Typing: Strike) hits Enemy: Wraith (Typing Weakness: Strike/Blunt), resulting in total damage gaining a final multiplier of 1.25x.

Attacks that target enemy weaknesses and crit will deal HUGE amounts of damage.

Skill: LION STRIKE (Typing: Arcane) hits Enemy: Wraith (Typing Strength: Arcane/Slash), resulting in total damage gaining a final multiplier of .75x.

Wraith, Weaknesses: Strike/Blunt — Strengths: Arcane/Slash

Typings will be displayed in a multitude of places:

  • Equipment and Skill Tool-tips
  • Enemy In-Game Stat Sheets
  • When selecting an enemy to target
  • Recommended typing when entering a Dungeon

Typing Strengths and Weaknesses will NOT affect Status and Damage Over Time abilities like Bleed, Frost, Burn, or weapon skills like Slots. These are FIXED Damage Types and ignore conventional damage calculations.

In this initial release, there will be 3 Weapon Typings and 4 Elements. New elements and weapon types may debut with new weapons and armor…some new partners may even specialize in them.

Weapon Types:

  • Strike (Swords and Curved Blades)
  • Blunt (Hammers and Shields)
  • Slash (Axes and Daggers)


  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Arcane (General Magick attacks)
  • Lightning

Weapon and Enemy skills will only ever have ONE typing or element. Enemies and player Armor can have multiple strengths and weaknesses. Leading to players having to be more strategic when picking their armor and what weapons they bring to certain Dungeons. This lends itself to more dynamic and meaningful choices when picking an all-DPS loadout vs. a pure Tank build.

T0 — T3 Weapon Skills and Armor will NOT have Typings, so players can acclimate to the game systems before making more significant decisions about building their Horde.

Upon full release, typing will only become applicable for later-stage Dungeons: Deep Forest, The Depths, and The Giant’s Tomb. New Dungeons and enemies WILL have type strengths and weaknesses built in.

A More In-Depth and Varied Game

The addition of Typing is a way to add a breadth of depth and open up more unique strategic avenues to character builds and how players approach Dungeons. Player choice when selecting which Armor to bring into Dungeons will also have more weight as now, Tanks can be tailored to defend against any boss. Players will also have to think more heavily on load-outs instead of just going all-out offense some armor pieces bring the threat of added damage from certain foes!

These systems also allow us to begin constructing PvP and other combat systems that are non-linear in their approach and enable varied approaches to how the game is played. Our core belief is that any player with the right strategy can conquer any challenge or foe with enough time and know-how.

Happy Halloween Horde!


Weapon Ability Typing

Weapon Ability Typings

Armor Typing

Armor Typing Table