A Zugish Holiday

3 min readDec 9, 2022

The nights have grown long in Valkala, but this means that every Orc and Allies favorite holiday, The Zug Festival of Lights, was fast approaching! But before the celebration of a new year could even begin, a fierce frozen wind bellowed through the Southlands. It was bringing snow and ice to areas it never had!

Without any winter provisions, the festivities would surely be ruined…with one last hope; a brave group set out to find the source of this icy calamity!

18 Days of Grindmas

From December 15th to January 5th, Hordes can venture into the newly found Frozen Tundra to find the source of this untimely weather and hopefully put an end to it! These two new Dungeons will have both party and solo modes; one targeted more towards beginner hordes (T1 — T2) and the other for veteran/expert players (T5 — T6).

A New Foe??

Rewards are balanced between difficulty levels, with the Beginner Dungeon giving Holiday Pouches and the Expert Dungeon giving Holiday Chests (Chests provide more resources than Pouches). There will also be a new Raid for passive farming!

We recommend T1+ gear and Level 250 — Type: Arcane & Fire for Beginner Difficulty.

We recommend T5+ gear and Level 350 — Type: Fire for Expert Difficulty.

A new limited-time material, Candy Canes, will be farmed from Holiday Chests and Pouches; with this new material, your Horde can craft two new weapons, the Candy Striped Bow and the Glacial Scepter.

Candy Cane — Crafting Material

These new weapons are potent Ice-Type.

The Candy Striped Bow excels at inflicting multiple enemies with the FROST debuff. At the same time, the Glacial Scepter can deal massive burst damage if the enemies have already been afflicted with FROST.

Candy Striped Bow

T6 Candy Striped Bow

Frigid VolleyType: Ice — Slot: Mainhand— Deal 25% of ATK 3 times to 3 single random targets, can hit the same enemy 3x. Inflicts FROST (-40 PIERCING) for two turns. — STAM 50

The new Frigid Volley ability can spread the FROST debuff to 1 enemy 3x or three separate enemies, perfect for groups and bosses.

Glacial Scepter

T6 Glacial Scepter

Cold Soul — Type: Ice — Slot: Offhand — Deal 160% Hybrid Damage (Hybrid Damage = (ATK + MGK) blocked by enemy DEF and RES) to a single target. (If the target is inflicted with FROST, this skill does +30% more total damage to that target) — STAM 66

Cold Soul capitalizes perfectly on the FROST debuff applied by other weapons like Mageborne and Candy Striped Bow, creating a devastating burst rotation that can best even the most powerful enemies and bosses!

General Patch Notes

  • We will increase the damage that hits an enemy or player weakness from 1.25x on the final damage multiplier to 1.5x. Players will be more incentivized to select the correct damage and armor Typing.
  • The Hybrid Damage of Glacial Scepter will move to ZUG SLAM and VALKALA’S WRATH. Hybrid Damage is the combination of both ATK and MGK stats; we believe these attacks should consider DEF and RES. Currently, ZUG SLAM and VALKALA’S WRATH are only hitting DEF; damage modifiers will need to be adjusted and patched for this change. This makes Orcs, our hybrid all-rounder, even more, flexible in battle.

Til Next Year!

Valkala Labs wishes everyone a Happy Holiday and New Year!

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