A Portal to Another Realm: EtherOrcs X CyberKongz

3 min readAug 31, 2022

A tear sunders the Ether into two, parting the path of realms with an immense force that leaves Valkala quaking to its deepest depths. Pushing through is a deep rumble…powerful cries that are heard in unison…OOH….OOH…..OOH.

Among those cries, two make their intentions known.

“We shall CONQUER” he bellows.

Their names,

Skelly and…



CyberKongz Mission

Having freshly ventured into Valkala, the Kongz must aid the Orcs in defense of their homeland from the conquering force of Lucifer. Each Kongz will be given 2 NFTs on Polygon, a CyberKongz Collab Pass, and a Skull Key.

CK Collab Pass

Using both they can enter Level 1 of the Kongz Collab Dungeons to challenge Skelly and earn Kongz Chests that contain both Banana Peels and Banana Keys. (If they fail you can always try again for 10 $ZUG)

After felling Skelly, our partners will be able to craft Warbanners at the blacksmith to strengthen their resolve in battle! (Collab War Banners will NOT be equipable by Orc players. Soon they will be able to craft their own.) Once empowered, Kongz can venture into level 2 to fight Lucifer and gain the Chests of OOH that may contain rare glowing Banana Peels to Enhance their Warbanners further.

The fight continues with leaderboard rewards and trading Banana Peels for $ZUG with Orc players. There will be prizes for those players who are able to reach the top of the leaderboards! First will receive a VX Kongz + Rogue, second will receive a VX Kongz, and third will receive a Rogue

Wrath of Kongz

For Orcs, there are two new dungeons featuring Lucifer and Skelly; test your hordes against their ire and defend Valkala! For your efforts, you’ll receive Banana Pouches and Banana Barrels that contain the limited CK Tokens.

CK Token

These tokens can be used to craft the new Wrath of Kongz weapon line that features a unique DEF type dmg skill and new affliction, Enrage.

JUNGLE CRASH — 200% DEF to a single target, 50% chance to Enrage (Will attack target with the highest DEF) for two turns, reduces ATK/MGK by 40 for two turns — 50 STAM

Orcs will also need to utilize the ZUG marketplace to make deals for Banana Peels with their new Kongz allies!

Banana Peels

The team at Valkala Labs is excited about the possibilities that working with other universes across the Ether opens up. Players can look forward to more unique weapons and skills, items, dungeons, and more with every new project that steps foot in Valkala.

Maybe the Horde will be able to craft Warbanners of their own soon enough…