A Falling Star Crashes…Visitors From Another Realm

4 min readNov 11, 2022


In the lands south of The Great Rift, the twin stars continued to burn down on the Orcs even this far into the fall season. All seemed to be returning to stability now with new ways of farming the land and the Halloween Caper behind them.

But late one night, a flaming rock soars overhead, shooting southward toward The Golden Sea and erupts on a small island just east of the Jungle Healer’s Hut.

The Known World of Valkala

The Horde rushes to their boats to uncover what mysteries have fallen from the heavens.

The Digis have Arrived in Valkala!

Upon landfall, on the island, the Horde is confronted by a group of girls locked in mortal combat with demons and massive slime monsters. They rush to their aid! In the distance, a roar cuts through the combat’s maelstrom “DIGI DIGI DIGI DIGI” it chants….

To arms Orc and Digi! There are enemies to slay!

A Character of their Own

Each Digidaigaku Genesis will receive an airdrop of 1 DigiDaigaku Genesis Adventure Key EtherOrcs. When staked into the Adventure Contract, these Adventure Keys will act as your player character within EtherOrcs. Digis will have their unique stats and abilities, making them distinct within Dungeon gameplay.

Digi In-Game Model

Build-wise, Digis will be a Light-Type Magic DPS, specializing in powerful elemental and debuff attacks.


  • HP — 150
  • STAM — 200
  • ATK — 15
  • MGK — 30
  • DEF — 8
  • RES — 8


  • Starlight — Damage Type: Light — Deal 90% MGK to Single Enemy, inflicts LIGHTBANE for two turns. (If the target is inflicted with LIGHTBANE, this skill does 30% more total damage to that target)
  • Royal Bloodline — Damage Type: Light— Deal 60% MGK to all Enemies, inflicts LIGHTBANE for two turns. (If the target is inflicted with LIGHTBANE, this skill does 30% more total damage to that target)

What are EtherOrcs Dungeons?

EtherOrcs Dungeons is an immersive web 3 gaming experience where players explore a custom-built world, battle fearsome enemies, earn precious loot, and craft amazing weapons. All of this and more happens within a robust 100% player-owned game and eco-system.

And now Digidaigaku is a part of that world!

Part 1 of Digidaigaku x EtherOrcs

To begin the event, EtherOrcs holders will be able to challenge a new limited-entry Digi Dungeon! This Dungeon can only be entered 1000 times for a party and 1000 times for a solo run; it will contain three new enemies and a new boss. The reward for conquering this new challenge is a brand new chest with an extraordinary piece of loot within.

Digi Chest

The new limited Digi Chest will contain three loot rolls:

  • 100% Chance of 1x T0 Material
  • 100% Chance of 1x T2 Crafting Material
  • .5% Chance of a Digi Adventure Key Redemption Ticket

(Roll odds based on Luck Runes burned when opening, only 30 keys total will be available via Digi chests.)

Be quick.

Part 2 of Digidaigaku x EtherOrcs

The second half of the collab will be exclusively for DigiDaigaku Genesis Adventure Key EtherOrcs holders! Key holders will stake into the Adventure Contract and be able to use their Digi in a new unique Dungeon, compete on a brand-new leaderboard, and win valuable rewards that will be utilized within the EtherOrcs game!

Jeweled Box

Rumor is that just participating with your Digi Adventure Key could see prizes appearing after the event…

Just The Beginning

This is just the first phase of Digidaigaku x EtherOrcs! More new and unique events and deeper integration lay just around the corner. You may have to choose a side and fight for Valkala supremacy…

New foes await…

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